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How can tech help PMs when travel resumes

Currently, travel has been on a semi-hiatus for the past year, and those largely working in the...

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How can you simplify guest communication

From day to day, I can guarantee that you’ve communicated with at least one person, whether it’s...

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How tech can help with health and safety

With COVID cases continually on the rise, the health and safety of your guests is now more...

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What to Look for in a Rental Property

Renting a property in a foreign country or even city can pose a lot of uncertainty. As a guest,...

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How to make more money with home automation

If you think you’ve milked every opportunity to make more money from your rental, think again. ...

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How automation can increase your STR ratings and peace of mind

When it comes to the rental and hospitality business, efficiency is key - specifically,...

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Key things you need for your rental to succeed


If you’ve read our recent posts, we have touched on certain things that can be done to turn...

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Put your rental property on autopilot

The vacation rental market is growing. As of 2019, the global rental market size was valued at ...

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Being a "smart" host - the devices you need in your vacation home


With millions of short term rentals available through Airbnb, Vrbo and other booking sites,...

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A Calm Home That Works For You


We’ve all heard that age-old expression “your home is your castle.” And it’s true. This is...

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