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How to maximize space in your rental

Finding a place to stay or rent is always a mixed bag. The advertised pictures may make the...

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Should you co-host your property?

When entering the short term rental business, you are faced with several prominent entry...

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Finding the fun in managing property

When it comes to switching a career or moving into a new field, there are always aspects that...

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What is holding your rental business back?

What is holding your rental business back? What limitations do you currently have that didn’t...

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Becoming a fearless property manager

Sometimes in life, you’re faced with two decisions, and choosing the right one doesn’t seem very...

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What goes into managing your STR?

If you’re new to the short term rental industry, you most likely have accrued quite a number of...

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How to turn your primary residence into a Vacation Home

When contemplating entering any new market or work force, the first thought that enters...

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Should you convert your vacation home into a short term rental?

If you currently own a property, and are interested in transforming it into a short term rental,...

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Why a Property Management Software Is Needed for Your STR

There’s no denying that as lucrative as a short term rental (STR) property can be (depending on...

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How to be a Successful Remote Host

One of the best things about the current state of the Short Term Rental (STR) market is that one...

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