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Short Term Rental

What is rental arbitrage?

Rental arbitrage is one of the easier ways to get into the Short Term Rental market. In essence,...

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Short Term Rentals, Lockdowns, and Solutions

By now, lockdowns, closures, and restrictions have become the topic of discussion around the...

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What is a short term rental?

If you’ve read with us thus far, I’m certain that you’ve heard the term short term rental. If...

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Common mistakes when subletting your student accommodation

For those of you who are currently attending a post-secondary institution such as college or...

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How to turn your primary residence into a Vacation Home

When contemplating entering any new market or work force, the first thought that enters...

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Should you switch your Short Let Stay to a Longer One?

If you have been thinking about transitioning your short term rental into a long term rental,...

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How to modify your STR for business trips

On the same page as our most recent blogs, this demographic is one of the biggest you may want...

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Making your Short Term Rental Millennial Focused

Like our last blog post, this one will also be targeting a specific demographic for your rental...

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What to Look for in a Rental Property

Renting a property in a foreign country or even city can pose a lot of uncertainty. As a guest,...

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How to Run a Self-Sustaining Rental Property

Now more than ever you may feel busier and more stressed out.  Looking to destress, you aim to...

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