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Vaccines and Technology

With the increased number of those vaccinated, the overwhelming urge to travel is becoming more...

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The rental industry needs tech post COVID

We recently created a report that outlined the importance of technology for the short term...

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Bringing your property into the 21st century

When people talk about bringing things into the 21st century, they are essentially referring to...

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How can tech help PMs when travel resumes

Currently, travel has been on a semi-hiatus for the past year, and those largely working in the...

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How technology can help Property Managers post COVID

Renting during a pandemic, probably wasn’t something you ever thought you’d be considering, but...

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How to be a Successful Remote Host

One of the best things about the current state of the Short Term Rental (STR) market is that one...

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How to make more money with home automation

If you think you’ve milked every opportunity to make more money from your rental, think again. ...

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How automation can increase your STR ratings and peace of mind

When it comes to the rental and hospitality business, efficiency is key - specifically,...

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Turning crisis into opportunity in the back half of 2020

It’s pretty evident that 2020 hasn’t been beneficial to the hospitality and short term rental...

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Challenges you may face in 2021 and beyond with your rental property

How we travel and where we stay has undergone a fundamental shift within the past decade, and...

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