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Vaccines and Technology

With the increased number of those vaccinated, the overwhelming urge to travel is becoming more...

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Dealing with peak travel

With restrictions and border closings becoming less and less strict, the influx of travel is...

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What does 2022 have in store?

For about the past year and a half, things have been turned upside down. But as vaccines and...

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Revenge travel: all you need to know

If you’ve talked to others in the rental space or travel industry, you’ve probably heard the...

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Short Term Rentals, Lockdowns, and Solutions

By now, lockdowns, closures, and restrictions have become the topic of discussion around the...

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Common mistakes when travelling

Traveling can be very daunting, and almost impossible to master after your major excursion. If...

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What is travel etiquette?

Etiquette, like many other things, can set you apart from others. Having great etiquette can not...

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How to properly see the sights

Despite travel almost coming to a complete halt in early 2020, there has still been some...

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The travel industry and vaccines

By now, the slow introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine is old news. Starting in the UK, the first...

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How do you get to your rental?

So you’ve decided to rent a Short Term Rental. But, how do you get to your place of stay? When...

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