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Why we joined Founders Factory

Why Enso Connect joined Founders Factory

I thought I would write up a few words on why Enso Connect decided to join Founders Factory…

Why we chose Founders Factory for Enso Connect

As a young startup, balancing resources, ideas, roadmaps, and results is something we are continuously having to juggle with. During this time of uncertainty for many businesses, we’ve been able to find our niche and grow. We recently raised our pre-seed round, and are currently in the process of onboarding our biggest client to date. However, finding a way to leverage this momentum has been challenging as momentum can lead to distractions. We’ve had terrific support from our investors, customers, and stakeholders, and we could not be here without them.

Joining Founders Factory made sense; it has and will help set a structure for us to continue to grow our vision of the prop-tech industry. 



Simply put, we needed further support from experts that have seen countless startups fail and succeed. Their experience and expertise alone are a good enough investment. Our current Growth Hacker, Oskar Dunklee mentioned the other day after our initial Kick Off call something that stuck with me. He said, “I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. The information they provided, along with their dynamic attitude; scheduling a call to help me better understand my role and how to improve, really showed me that their first objective is for us to succeed”. I was equally impressed - within minutes we had meetings scheduled with their different team experts for talent acquisition, quarterly and yearly strategies, fundraising opportunities and much more. 


Strategic Partnerships

Being in the startup environment, Founders Factory possesses a countless number of connections and potential introductions. The fact of the matter is that, yes we are young, but we are a hungry company that is continuously looking for growth through strategic partnerships. The ability to reach out to the Founders Factory’s network is an incomparable resource that will certainly benefit Enso and myself personally in the long run. 


Investment Opportunity

One key part of starting a company is ensuring that you will have enough resources to grow or survive. From fundraising rounds, to pitch decks, or simple introductions to new strategic investors, raising funds is always something that can pose a certain level of difficulty. Joining Founders Factory not only gives us access to so many helpful and pertinent resources, but they also recognize our worth and are able to invest in us as such. 

I’m looking forward to working closely with the Founders Factory team - I am grateful and humbled by their support.

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